Our Boats - Redbay Stormforce

Ashlin was built in Northern Ireland by a company called Redbay in Cushendall.The company are specialists in Cabin Ribs. Ashlin is their 50th 11 meter Storm force rib. Tom, who owns the company designed the stormforce boats to handle the harsh weather up on the North East coast of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The design of the Storm force has what they call a hard nose, which means the tubes do not run all around the front of the boat therefore it can not de-tube. The hard-nose was designed for safety as it cuts through the water plus is easier for tying up, giving the front of the boat a similar look to a non-rib looking boat as you can see from the picture above.

Here in the Channel Islands, Ashlin is more than happy with our waters. Many of the Storm Force boats are used for ferrying passengers from Northern Ireland to Scotland and inter islands in Scotland.

Ashlin -The Salty Blonde has 2 inboard 275hp Yamaha diesel driven engines with stern drives. She cruises at 25kts at 3,000 revs, which means Alderney to Guernsey in around 55 minutes. We are able to carry 8 passengers and 2 crew. Seating is divided between 2 gas suspension seats just behind the crew seats and two bench seats that can carry up to 3 passengers each. The boat also has a flush toilet.

Safety equipment is also carried on the boat such as life jackets, and survival suits for all passengers plus crew and a 10 man life raft.