Safety & Insurance


Safety is of paramount importance to The Salty Blonde and our vessels conform to all safety regulations and undergo annual dry-docking and certification by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Our Crew are fully qualified with the appropriate licences and are fully trained in first aid and sea survival. This means that they must have passed an exam which includes a practical test as well as assuring an MCA Inspector that they are conversant with Rules of Navigation and various local quirks relating to boat operation within various harbours. The crew are taught how to safely tie up boats, help passengers on and off the vessels, be vigilant to any possible passenger dangers and use the safety equipment on board. Crew and skippers are only employed if the company is satisfied with their standard of competency.

Each boat is staffed by one skipper and one crew. At the start of every trip a safety announcement will be made. The crew will ensure that every passenger can hear the announcement and that instructions are adhered to. There is a first aid kit onboard every boat.

Our vessels are operated in accordance with our approved Safety Management Code.

The vessels are equipped with electronic navigation equipment plus radar and are in full radio contact with the harbour authorities and the coastguard. The Salty Blonde complies with all safety regulations for a coded 2 vessel with life jackets and self-inflating life raft.


The Salty Blonde vessels are each surveyed and licensed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and are fully insured with passenger liability insurance.

All the boats have £3,000,000 public liability insurance.